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>> u.s. postal service selected san francisco as starting point for a new service for internet shoppers like amazon and post office begins same day delivery for on line purchases made from local retailers. starts in san francisco december 12th at price of 10 dollars and if it works it will expand next year to cities like boston, chicago and new york. before you head out to shop on black friday be sure to check out 7 and we compiled a list of stores 4. also browse their black friday sales ads. all right there on our web site for you. you will find it under see it on tv. >> big change is coming to the
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golden gate bridge. many of us aren't prepared for. toll takers no longer man the booth and bridge will rely solely on electronic tolling. heather explains how it will work. >>reporter: by march of next year golden gate bridge toll takers and the cash they collect will be gone. >> no cash will be accepted in the toll lanes. >>reporter: no cash. no stopping. the bridge district says it will save millions of dollars and traffic should move better than ever. after all the cash transactions can take awhile. we timed this one at nearly an entire excruciating minute. we ask people if they know how the new system will work. >> i believe that everybody has to have some kind of electronic device or they have to pull over and pay a fee. >> i would assume they would have some kind of change machine. you drop your change in there or maybe dollar bills would be easier if you could just like insert it and like a vending machine or something
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like that. >>reporter: well, no. there will be no pulling over. no machines. when they say no cash. they mean it. options will include what now feels like good old fashion oned fast track prepaid accounts or you can pay cash for fast track at service centers. otherwise billing will be tied to your license plate. with a pay by plate account or one time payment handled on line or at payment kiosk throughout the bay area. that one time payment is good for 30 days or it must be settled within two days of your trip. if you don't do anything before driving through, camera takes a picture of your plate and the registered owner gets a bill. >> that's weird. that is really inconvenient. like, because then if somebody like if you were to use my friends car i would have to hook up his license plate. just sounds really inconvenient. >> so it ask for license plate. state registered in and then you get to select effective date for the toll. it gets
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tricky.what about cars with no plates. >> issued know this. i don't know. i don't know. maybe there's a slush fund to cover those folks. >>reporter: the bridge district wants those people to pay up front as well though it's unclear how they would be tracked down if they don't. and what about tourists in rental car. >> i think that the english word for toll is originally danish. >>reporter: the rental car are in the system. it's a license plate charge and it's handled through the rental car company and it actually more confusing than that. >> we'll leave it at that. >>reporter: anonymous accounts too but that's another story for another day. fast track is the way to go here for simplicity sake how much or how little you use the bridge and fast track you get a dollar off the 6 dollar toll. to the people there are 14 remaining right now. they will either be absorbed into other jobs within the district or district says
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it's working with their union to try to figure out how to make the transition as comfortable as possible for everyone. at the golden gate bridge, abc 7 news. >> part of san francisco ocean beach is still closed following yesterday sewage spill. barricades block off access to the beach along the great highway 12 fulton and balance about boa. pedestrians still walk along the premenade or get near the water edge. it was caused by heavy rain and high tide that caused the sewage to overflow into the streets. water gone now but the smell in the area remains. no word yet on when it will be declared safe for visitors. >> controversy continues tonight about who will be the starting quarterback for sunday forty-niner game against the saints. team boss not saying much but the fans are talking to many the news reporters. >> getting ready to play the saints in a tough environment. >>reporter: 49ers made no promises at thanksgiving news conference who will be the starting quarterback in sunday game against the saints. >> no decision has been made.
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we are hopeful that alex gets cleared tomorrow physically and many and we are confident in both quarterback l to be on the field. >>reporter: "sports illustrated"is reporting cleared or not alec smith will not start sunday game. instead collin will be the star after stepping up on monday in an impressive show against the bears. >> collin has been getting l pretty similar to what he got last week. he is getting some of the l rep and alex some of the rep. >>reporter: mission high versus lincoln at this year championship game a big cross town rivalry. but most everyone here has a bigger allegiance. the niners. stapled is where it all began for the 49ers back in the day. lots of history here for sure. and today lots of very strong opinions. from the fans. >> harbaugh has to back his gu
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guy. but obviously collin is a wonderful mraivrment i would go with smith. >> coaches will do a good job. superbowl team you go with the quarterback that will get through. >> she's having deja vu about another quarterback controversy. >> it reminds me of the days of young and montana and personally i think smith should finish it out. >>reporter: this is abc 7 news in san francisco. well on this thanksgiving some diners had the feast al fresco in the shadow of the golden gage gate bridge. big group set up a series of tables on the evenly of the field and fired up grill and had a giant pot luck to share. they say it beats watching football inside all day long. >> one of the most important parts of this thanksgiving is that everybody is welcomed here. so neighbors or friends who don't have a place to be get to come here and hang out. that makes a big difference. >>reporter: picture purview as
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well with the side of turkey, marked potato and stuffing. >> it has been 3 weeks since super storm sandy struck and strangers come together to share a thanksgiving meal with those still reeling from the storm. >> bay area family has much to be thankful for as critically injured son shows remarkable progress this thanksgiving. >> and pot tensional breakthrough in the bed bug battle. non-toxic way scientist kill the pest. >> i'm in the forecast center. after mild almost warm thanksgiving day the question is how long will it last? i'll have the nancy my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and species thought to be ex tivrpingt may have another hope sdwz is.
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>> heavy fog in texas is b for a horrific 140 vehicle pile that up killed 2 people. happened about 9 this morning just east of the gulf coast city of beaumont dense fog limited visibility led to 64 s of cars and trucks slamming into 1 another as you see here. 2 people in an suv rear ended by a tractor-trailer died. at least 80 others were taken to the hospital. >> statue of liberty will remain closed throughout the end of this year because of damage caused by super storm sandy. thousands of americans are still recovering from that
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storm. but as ron clay born tells us many still thankful for what they have today. >> on slater boulevard on staten island volunteers laid out a thanksgiving day spread. nothing elaborate. turkey burger. hot dog. pumpkin pie. some cookies. for the people on the boulevard it was a feas feast. >> want to eat some burger. >>reporter: most people on the storm battered street have no power in their homes. no heat. no gas. still. group of volunteers from church in new jersey brought a holiday to them. >> this is a privilege. it's like putting the giving back in thanksgiving. >>reporter: slater boulevard was slammed by what people describe as tsunami. 15 foot high wall of water that left the first floor of every home uninhabitable. this family lived in this house for the past 32 years. they spent today combing through debris looking for the cherished artifact of their life. >> you used to have these on
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the table on thanks giving. >> thankful we are still here and thankful for my family and thankful for so many people to show us love and support. >>reporter: for the many people still reeling from sandy assault like the family here, there were gestures of support today. often from complete strangers. like courtney wood of new jersey who opened her home to family with nowhere else to go. she found them through a special facebook page called a place at the table. >> i would love to be able to offer a hot meal. house filled with love and i can't imagine not doing this. >>reporter: talking to people here on slater boulevard even among the awfulness and haun haunting memory of what happened here, on this day they said they were grateful for the food which was welcomed but more than that, that people they never met in their entire life cared enough to come. >> what a story. there is a breakthrough tonight that could help blind people reed. team of scientist
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created a device that allows them to see braille. it streams the pattern to an implant on the person retina. test found patients could see the pattern in less than a second with 90 percent accurac accuracy. the device is available in europe right now and the company hopes to get fda approval. >> blood sucking bed bug are proving to be a growing problem across the nation but there may be an unusual solution. fighting them with fungus. new study finds fungus called this here causes fatal disease in insect including bed bug. doesn't just kill them but spreads to the entire population. the fungus is non-toxic alternative and needs to be sprayed on the infected area. of course this could be a problem for people with allergies. right now the fungal treatment is still in the early phases of testing. americans spend 250 million dollars a year fighting bed bugs. may not be the end for a unique species of tortoise found on the galopagos islands. loan some george thought to be the last living member of the
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species tied early this year but zoologist discovered 17 other tortoise on the island whose blood is similar to george and they believe george parents gave birth to the other tortoise and may still be aliv alive. george died at age 100 but the species can live up to 177 years old. >> wow! >> that's longevity for you is that speaking of. spencer christian. >> i have 177 day forecast for you right now. >> we'll take it. >> live view from our high definition east bay hills camera looking back over the bay. it's a lovely evening as it was a lovely day all around the bay area. clear skies right now. here's a different view of how clear the skies are from live doppler 7 hd. just about cloud free sky all around the bay area and still relatively mild but cooling down in some spots especially up north where it's down to 47 now santa rosa and fairfield 45 at napa. but we have temperatures mainly in the 50's at other location around the bay area and these are our forecast feature we'll see cold
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conditions in some of the north bay valley overnight with patchy fog. mild weather will continue through the holiday weekend into early next week and a chance of rain late next wednesday and that thursday. overnight tonight however clear skies. with exception of clear conditions with sky certainly clear with the exception of some patchy interior valley fo fog. low pressure dropping to the mid 30's in santa rosa napa down to 39 at fairfeld and livermore and mainly low to mid 40's across the remainder of the bay area. here's satellite radar composite image with a large strong ridge of high pressure which will dominate our weather picture for the next several days. this will give us dry conditions rate on through the holiday weekend and mainly mild for the next couple days as well. overnight tonight the time line dense fog once again develop in the central valley and it will start to spill over through the delta and the straits into the interior valley of the bay area this will be a pattern for the next few days overnight into the morning hours. then the fog of course will dissipate during the daytime. and tomorrow during the daytime
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lack for sunny skies in the south bay. mild conditions with high pressure in the upper 60's and milpitas, santa clara, sunnyvale low 70's over the remainder of south basement peninsula high mainly in the upper 60's although we expect high of 70 at mountain view 71 at los altos and mid 60's on the coast at pacifica and a half moon bay. downtown san francisco tomorrow high of 67 degrees. 64 in the sun set district which is considerably warmer than the sun set generally is in the summer. up in the north bay high in the upper 60's to low 70's up to about 70 at santa rosa and calistoga. 71 clover dale. east bay high of 70 at oakland. castro valley fremont upper 60's in the other east bay location. mainly upper 60's to 70 at livermore. 69 antioch. fairfield and pleasanton and monterey bay this is the mil mildest region of all. mainly 70's low to mid 70's near the bay and mid 70's inland. salinas holster and morgan hil
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hill. accu-weather 7 day forecast. 2 day of very mild weather coming our way through saturday. still mild on sunday monday but couple degrees cooler than friday saturday will be then we get a few extra clouds on wednesday and chance of showers late wednesday into wednesday night and rain is likely on thursday. looks like thursday is a pretty wet day but we have 6 wonderful glorious lovely dry days before that. >> really interesting is how the temperature window is going to be so small tomorrow. >> it is. really is. it will be mid 60's on the coast to about 70 inland so 5 degree range across the entire bay area. >> lovely no matter where you are. >> that's true. >> children with cancer may have a hard time just being kids but northern california there is a place where they can let loose. we'll take you inside camp l sky and how you can help. >> also a tour of turkey country y.not everyone is happy country y.not everyone is happy to see a gang of turkey
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. >> there ace growing problem in contra costa county this thanksgiving. wild turkey appear to be taking over in some parts. many neighbors are ticked off at the mess and destruction the birds leave behind. laura has the story from danville. >>reporter: while many in the bay area sit down for the traditional turkey feast, others have learned to peacefully co-exist with the wild and very much alive variety. like this danville father and son out for a little holiday game of catch. >> one right behind you. >> really? >> yes should we move. >> sure. >>reporter: the wild turkey. not native to the region. become a fact of life for many who live in bay area neighborhoods especially those that border open spaces. in places like danville where one
9:26 pm
person novelty is another's nuisance. >> they are everywhere. on the road. in the front yard. back yard. the biggest worry i have is running these turkey over. >> another thing is sometimes when you go in the back freshly planted flowers are gone. turkey laying around picking the tops off your new flowers. >>reporter: in year past some communities like here applied for and received permit from california fish game to thin out the herd that wander the street. that usually involves an expert coming out to shoot them. >> some people want to shoot them. >> yes well l i sometimes they get pretty annoying. >> i don't think that's a good solution. they are not that big of a nuisance. >>reporter: still there are those not necessarily prone to violence who might let their mind wander just a little bit on this day. or not. when you sit down for turkey dinner tonight you aren't thinking about the opportunity you passed by earlier. >> no. i don't think so. >>reporter: contra costa county animal control advises
9:27 pm
people don't see the big bird. beyond that they say don't call them. they do not handle wild turkey situations unless there's an immediate threat to public health or safety. in danville, abc 7 news. man shot in the head in a coma for nearly a month now showing signs of a remarkable recovery. check in with him and his family this thanksgiving. >> also alternative way to spend the holiday. we take you for a spin at the san francisco international auto show. >> so many gift gadget require battery this time of year. michael has the latest test [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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you can stay in and share something... ♪ ♪ ...or you can get out there with your friends and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on,
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offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> bay area family calling it a thanks giving miracle. their son was in a coma for nearly a month after being shot in the head but he's now showing signs key to recovery with the family by his side. vick lee witnessed it firsthand today. it's a story you will see only on abc 7 news. >> it was the saturday after halloween. still parties in the city. >> your son benjamin got shot he's in the hospital. >>reporter: in the early morning hours of october 28 henry got the phone call every parent fears. his son benjamin was at san francisco general hospital in critical condition. his parents saw him being wheeled into surgery. >> i just went and touch him and i couldn't -- >> you remember that night. >> captain forget it. keep repeating. >>reporter: 21-year-old was leaving halloween party at fort mason when stranger police identified as this man made
9:32 pm
inappropriate advances toward his girlfriend. the man shot benjamin in the head after he went to her defense. at one point doctors said his brain wound was so severe they gave him only a 25% chance of livin living. he was in a mel medically induced coma for almost a month. but the young man was fighting silently for his life. he was making small but significant victories. 4 days ago as they took his breathing tube off his mouth, he uttered his first words. >> i went in there and i told him could you say hi mom and he said hi mom. and that was brought me to tears. >>reporter: benjamin transferred to uc san francisco yesterday. then today another giant step. . young man took his first step. his nurse calls it miraculous. >> very amazing. pretty rare. he's pretty good fighter i think.
9:33 pm
>> are you ready to come home soon? get your nice cozy bed. >>reporter: his close knit family enjoys tender moment optimistic he will recover fully. >> everyone said they missouri smile. >> we sold your truck. >>reporter: he's now even able to smile at his brother's joke. >> look at him now. that's the good part. he made it. he's strong. >> he's a miracle. definitely a miracle for thanksgiving. >>reporter: vick lee, abc 7 news. >> wonderful story. oakland police are still lacking for the people who and their cars after a gun battle on instate 5 80 we flew overhead shortly after all the east bound lanes shut down at seminary avenue beginning around 8:30 last night. traffic backed up for miles. not moving there for more than 2 hours. gun battle ended with two bullet ridden cars crashing. those inside left the scene. no one has shown up at bay area hospital
9:34 pm
with gunshot wounds. >> wasn't much of a holiday for people cars parked in this neighborhood. thieves broke in early this morning. one lost lap top computer and gps navigation system to make matters worse he spent thanksgiving waiting for the police and insurance company to assess the damage. resident say car break-ins are common along this block. many bay area families spent their thanksgiving in what you might think of as unconventional place. san francisco international auto show at montgomery center. as we see, for some it's a holiday tradition that goes hand in hand with the turkey. >> it's a different type of early holiday shopping. >> this is how we picked our last 2 cars. >>reporter: as thousands of people spend their thanksgiving day at the 55 annual san francisco international auto show. cousins joe bill and jason spent the last 20 years coming to the show with their parents. now they bring their
9:35 pm
family to continue the tradition. >> we are spread out all over the bay area these days and in different houses and the family has grown so much but yet we still have this opportunity to come together and share in the car show every year we look forward to. >>reporter: this year show 2013 model vehicle. 1.2 million square foot center is full of everything from next year electric and hybrid cars to truck advance and suv. >> automotive industry has had the up and down over the last few years but certainly based upon what we are seeing the products are special. they are looking to reach out to the buying public and the buying public is reaching back. >> noticeably absent from this year auto show is tesla motors but still plenty of electric vehicle to be had. this honda fit gets 118 miles to the gallon. sacramento resident ron grant drives hour and a half each thanksgiving to come to the show for novelty with a friend. but this year he hopes
9:36 pm
to find his next car. few brand with the bottom line in mine. >> toyota. we are looking at the tm c max so maybe. >>reporter: hybrid. >> hybrid. yes. fuel economy. >>reporter: for some post holiday fun the pox runs through monday and is proving to be an exciting draw even for those who can't yet drive. >> you guys are driving, right. how cool was that. >> it was really awesome. >> is that the first time driving. >> you don't have your license. >> no. not yet. >>reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> she's ready for it. >> fight against cancer is a challenge. one that is especially tough for children but with the help of the camp but with the help of the camp kye anything iswv@ñj
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uz >> l thousands of runners pack the streets of downtown san jose today. the turkey trot is one of the largest events of the kind in the nation. more than 24,000 adults ncaa and about 1500 kids participated including some in some colorful costumes. >> look little tight fit. it is. half hour to get here. >>reporter: she was dressed as thanks giving left over. zo i don't think she could run fast in that outfit. it raised 1.2 million dollars for the food bank. elite runners university of arizona star won the men 5 k and olympian conley of uc davis seat new women record of 15:40. >> thousands of family in the
9:41 pm
bay area grateful for a program that offers help and hope for children with cancer. it's called camp kye and tonight cheryl reports on how the camp heals hearts and minds. >> time to head in. >> the camp is a spectacular 500 acre camp tucked away in the sahara foot hills in butte county for family affected with cancer. the children get much-needed support from their pierce. >> my grandpa passed away two week before my 13 birthday and month later november 27th 2007 i was diagnosed with leukemia and it was really hard. >> the camp is really magical to me. i describe the people as magical because nowhere else in the world is everyone nice and is everyone understanding and everyone knows what you have been through. >>reporter: young people here are not shy talk about their illness.
9:42 pm
>> my illness was cancer and i'm now healthy and blessed. i ovarian cancer and i'm a year in remission. >> i had leukemia twice. aol. i am currently in remission for seven years. i was diagnosed with leukemia 5 years old and i like the camp because everyone is the same here. >> best place. just so fun here. >>reporter: the word is a sue indian word that means many things like to heal or come together. that takes on whole new meaning at camp when there's a many and everybody hits the floors when music hits the floor. it's one of the ritual that puts a smile on everybody's face. and that is what the co-founder want. dr. mike worked at the children hospital at stanford. >> we had a group of people sort of looking for recreational opportunity for the kids because the treatment as it became more intensive with taking them away from the
9:43 pm
childhood for more and more of the time. >> i had a friend who died of cancer when i was volunteer with hospice of marin. >>reporter: john bell wanted to do something in the name of that friend. so they joined forces with others 30 years ago and john put up 25,000 dollars of his own money to get things started and he paid for camp for 10 years. now the budget is nearly two million a year and they need help to pay for the rapidly growing program. they don't ever want to turn anybody away. >> we did sibling program. did family programs. bereavement programs. all things really, really needed and boy when you are at one of them and you see the success how great it is for the people there and what it does for them l, you could not do it. you just captain say let's cut this back. >>reporter: the camp runs camp back-to-back every week. new counselors coming in but no place for them to sleep until the old counselors here's what we have to do they drag out this bin with old tarp
9:44 pm
and they spread this tarp out on the grass and sleep unthe stars. most of the counselors are former campers like donna. >> first is safety but for the kids have fun. make sure they are engaged and loving every minute of camp. >>reporter: molly loves camp so much she volunteered to wash dishes here for 4 weeks. >> it's just giving back to the camp and camp has given me so much. >> started coming in 1999 when i was 8 years old. >>reporter: she and her sister came to sibling camp because the middle sister emily had leukemia. >> i was 12 when she passed away. >>reporter: she had a has a tattoo as a tribute to emily. she now directs the program at the camp and says this place has changed her life. >> made me who i am today. i'm going into special education because of being around kids with cancer and growing up with that and just i can relate to kids like that. i feel in like i can make a difference. >>reporter: cheryl jennings, abc 7 news.
9:45 pm
truly life changing someplace for entire families. the camp has a wish list for the holidays ranging from zip lock bagie to new washing machine. if you want to help out we posted the entire list at abc and you will find it on see it on tv. >> battery are are needed and which ones last the longest. michael breakdown the best brand coming up next on 7 news brand coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. stay
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>> well americans burn through a staggering amount of batteries. several million every year. double a are the most popular. 7 on your side michael shows us which brand perform the best in a new
9:49 pm
consumer report test. >>reporter: just in time for the holiday crunch. consumer report results are in on which battery last the longest. melissa was actually given batteries as baby shower gift. >> my friend who had had kids before said you have no idea how much you are going to need these. all the time. >>reporter: 2 boys later melissa is constantly buying batteries. double a battery are the biggest seller. commonly used in flash lights. digital cameras. remote control and toys. consumer reports tested a dozen including big names like energizer and store brand like walgreens and cvs. tester use this rack to evaluate battery performance programmed to mimic digital camera and flashlight. test turned up big differences. the ever ready gold worst battery took 52 shots before
9:50 pm
dying. energizer lift um took 6 82 shots the best. but they are expensive. more than 2.50 per battery. >> they cost more but they can be worth it for digital cameras and other high draining did he advises. >>reporter: among alkaline battery top ratings to the dura sell for about a dollar per battery. >> alkaline don't last as long so they are better for low draining did he vase like flashlight or remote. >>reporter: for family like melissa who use battery to power toy, consumer report say rechargeable battery are best. the state of california has some very specific guidelines on recycling batteries. check ought them out for yourself go to our web site for more information on recycling all different types of batteries. this is 7 on your side. time now for another check of t spencer. >> okay carolyn. sky still
9:51 pm
clear as we can see on live lop dear 7 hd. tomorrow nation weighed it's mainly dry day and sunny day. certainly through the central part of the country. few areas of light shower activity in the northeast and east snow up over the great lakes and in the pacific northwest of course. this time of the year would you expect some rainfall. it will be there. snow in the higher elevation. here in the state of california tomorrow sunny sky was top to bottom an farther south you go the milder it gets to warm down in palm springs and l.a. and here in the bay area we have another mild day as well. milder than today even with high pressure ranging from mid 60's on the coast to low 70's in the mildest inland location. here's 7 day forecast tomorrow and saturday. high pressure up around 70 degrees near the bay and inland mid 60's on the coast cooling down just a little bit as we head into next week and chance of rain next thursday. next 6 days look pretty good. pretty mild really. >> very mild for this time of the year. >> thanks expense near rick is here with preview of sports.
9:52 pm
>> lots and lots of football. come up in sports. football come up in sports. football this turkey day and in the n
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>> coming up tonight at 11. long lines and big deals. live across the bay area as stores open their doors to black friday shoppers. >> plus the fake text targeting holiday shoppers. claim that you are a winner could really make you a loser. that's tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> right now rick quaun is here with sports for us. >> a little bit of a quarterback controversy going on at forty-niner camp. espn reporting that smith has passed his final concussion test but collin will still get the start sunday against the saints. despite the report which has been attributed to a sores the team says no official decision has been made. >> collin has been getting pretty similar to what he got last week. he's getting some
9:56 pm
of the rep and alec getting some of the rep and divvied up. >> this thanksgiving day 3 big servings of pro football. detroit known as the dirtiest player in the league here. going down he delivers a kick to the groin of houston quarterback matt shaw no penalty called. former cal running back appears to be down but no whistle is blown so he keeps ongoing for an 81 yard touch down. that cut the lead to 3. replay show his arm and 93 touches the ground. play should be dead right there but because why is coach threw the challenge flag no automatic review of the play. tl my bad. after both game winning goal. here's 32 yards. 34-31 the final. texans are league best at 10 and 1. red scents rookie returned to home state and put
9:57 pm
on a show carving up the dallas defense for more than 300 yards and 4 touch downs. this one to pierre. washington led 28-3 at the half. cowboy make a game of it as tony threw for contrary high 4 41 yards. this touched down to bryant. cut the lead to z.but they got to closer. washington wins. 3 38-31 both teams 5 and 6. for jets fans not whole lot to give thanks for. tonight they got embarrassed by new england. tom brady to former cal star shane he takes it down the side line for 83 yard touch down. the patriots break it open with a 35 point second quarter. how bad did it get for new york. sanchez runs into offensive line man. fumble the the ball and gregory returns it 32 yards for another score. the patriots win a laugher. 70th annual big bone game was marred today when san jose suffered a neck injury and had to be taken
9:58 pm
off the field by ambulance. he's now listed in fair condition. another big crowd filled the stands for this south bay thanksgiving tradition. san jose came in undefeated but this game belonged to lincoln. christopher or tests finds the score and cruise 55-13, 15 straight win in the series. 89th turkey day game as mission took on lincoln for the san francisco city championship. lincoln jumps out early. derek to definite on who goes all the way. late in the fourth litigation led by 7 but mustang score a touch down and then l the 2 point conversion. lincoln takes a 1 point lead. bears one last chance but the mustang come up with a stop and victory so let the celebration begin. lincoln wins 22-21 and improves to 11 and 1. nba got the day off cal and saint maers
9:59 pm
saw action in animal. average being more than 26 points a contest here. but against drake held to one basket in the first half off the back door screen, off the glass. hot hand to p.m. rick junior who made 5 of 6 shot for 12 percen percent. tied 33 all at the break. midway in the second half cal trails 47-44. >> led by senior matthew st. mary's took care of drexel who gets the steal here and goes coast to coast for the basket. scored game high 32. 16 in each half. improve with a victory and tomorrow semifinal. stanford in the bahamas playing 13 rank missouri. randall 22 points. he gets the drop. tirtion up by 4. l the lay in. missouri holds on

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